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 Symphonist Build

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PostSubject: Symphonist Build   Sun Apr 03, 2016 8:56 pm


After writing this guide, I hope this information helps you with your build, and maybe give you a few ideas you can try.

I have decided to put my Stat Points into ATK and CRIT. You are more than welcome to try other ways. I think the Arcanist Specialization of Mage is more on the DPS side than Symphonist. So I i've came to the conclusion that Symphonist would be more of a Supportive Specialization of Mage.

Talent Tree

I've tried a few ways while branching off for the Talent Tree, and I think this is safest route to take to branch your Talent Points to. You want to first target the areas with the Lightning Skills Bounus. The reason for this is, if you look at the Advanced Abilities for Symphonist, you will notice that 90% of them are Lightning Skills. The second areas you want to target are the areas with the Healing Bounus. Those areas will help you with being more supportive. You can target those areas very easy.


When it comes to Dragocites it really falls on opinions. These are the dragocites that seem to work well with my build, and what I could afford.


I think the less time you have to heal yourself, means the more you can focus on healing your team members.


As I right now I feel the Chest Dragocite for this build falls into opinions, but this Dragocite will not hurt this build, but you can use any of your choosing.


I have chose this one due to the Lightning damage


I have chose this one cause it goes with this build. I'm sure this is a better Dragocite you can use, but this is what I currently have.


Since most of Symphonist skills do Lightning damage. To reduce someone's Lightning resist by 40%, means you are essentially doing 40% additional damage with Lightning skills.

Thank you for your time.
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PostSubject: Re: Symphonist Build   Sun Apr 03, 2016 9:29 pm

Mmm, I guess it's a decent guide xD I do appreciate that you're not doing PEN + CRIT or the HP + CRIT build. That one makes me cringe the most..

The main thing I don't like about it is how you mention that Symphonist is more a supportive specialization, yet still build for DPS. A Crit DMG% build is more for DPS symphonists IMO (ie: Myrelle). For a support symphonist, healing and healing % stats are much more of a priority.

As a support symphonist, I am against branching off into the lightning damage part of the Talent Tree.  If you branch off to that side, you will get a maximum of 15% Lightning damage. If you branch towards the Healing branch towards the bottom left, you can get 17% Healing (along with liike 1650 Healing) instead. I don't like lightning damage multipliers on a support build because it only offers damage in exchange for heals, whileas stats like ATK provide both of them at the same time.

As I mentioned above, I'm also against Crit DMG dragocites if you're trying to build for a support symphonist. Ancient Dragocite of Healing (25% Healing)/Dragocite of Regeneration (20% Healing)/Crocargot (15% Healing) dragocites are a much better option for healing because it's much more consistent and reliable. Crit DMG% dragocites mean that your heals are only going to have impact when you crit, whileas running Healing% dragocites mean that crit heals are more a luxury than it is a necessity, making your support capabilities a lot more reliable; you'll rarely have to worry about being unable to save someone because your heals didn't crit. Not to mention, Healing% helps a lot with the -50% healing debuff that applies in 50/60 dungeons (It's very common to see people healing less than 2k/tick CRIT heals without a support build in those dungeons). For a support build, I believe that crit damage coming from faction influence and glyphs are more than enough.

You might want to mention your outfits/glyphs too o-o
Also, you might want to mention what kind of transformations that you would aim for. For a support type build though, I'm still mostly biased towards healing% transformations.
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PostSubject: Re: Symphonist Build   Sun Apr 03, 2016 10:36 pm

I must say thank you for your feedback. I really like your input on Dragocites. it's really based on opinions, and I respect yours 100%. The reasoning of this build in my opinion that it is able to support yourself, and others. Since you still have main quest and solo quest you still need be able to defeat Boss Dragomon or Regular Dragomon. Also in a party I use the Sonic Vortex Skill to dish out damage while I heal. That skill is also supportive, and helps the party defeat the Dragomon more effectively. It depends on the way you play, and your personal preferences.
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PostSubject: Re: Symphonist Build   

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Symphonist Build
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