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PostSubject: DPS-hymphonist   Mon Apr 04, 2016 10:09 pm

People say symphonist is a support class, but they don't really know the true power of this class dps and dot, as long the enemy stay still, it can out-damage any other classes (well maybe not crusader, because crusader is the god of pve), not that I said symphonist role is for dps but symphonist can be a dps or a healer, and mine is purely a dps build. So let's start with my stats:

Right, all attack or all crit, maybe if the dungeon too hard for you and you can't dodge properly, you need some points in HP, my gears is a full 6* only (and please someone sell me mythic horn Very Happy ), as you can see 3% healing bonus is just from my skill mastery, again I'm not a healer type and can only heal 4k-5k on hard party dungeon and about 6k on normal (considering my cullcry buff proc), for cdmg I can go as far as 200% but it's not really useful since there is a cullcry.

Talent Tree

Here is my talent tree goes all the way up stacking +% lightning damage because all symphonist skills are lightning base damage (not with the lv 60 skill, which is arcane damage), once again no healing talent for me, if you want healing talent go to the bottom talent tree.



Maybe you will laugh and asking why retribution? Yes, I'm aware with this cite is mostly for melee class, the reason why I use this is because it's mainly the best damage weapon cite exist in here, all I need to do is just going near the enemies and just do like melee classes do, and the combination between skill 60 and this cite is superb, like you can 1 hit all solo bosses. Also this cite is not really necessary since it's a bit expensive, you can substitute it with Esh-baal radiant (flamethrower work wonder too) and blazing leo which is very likely only deal 1 more normal attack.


As you can see I have mainly 3 cites for head cite, but most of the time I only use cullcry, I know I can put cullcry into my companion and use goulet platinum for myself, but if I use cullcry myself it's like 100% chance the cite will proc, and I use the Ancient of Spirit for a dungeon that required a lot of rolling and some healing (i.e stygian core hard and balestorm/sundahhra lv 60).


Although I am a dps, I also need to think about my defensive as well, you know a dead dps isn't a dps, and this primordiant cite will help you a lot of time to survive, another recommended cite is Goulet azure which will give you more attack when you roll for 3 secs, but it will be very glass cannon.


Lightning lightning lightning, all is about lightning damage, you can go sharpfang mole for a cheaper one, but I prefer my goulet lustrous even the stats isn't very good.
Other hand cite you might be consider : Esh-baal lustrous, Stone ray, and wind cite just for lul.


This part is so hard to decide, either you need cdmg or attack or crit, when I was lack of cdmg I used the falcon skullcrack for extra cdmg, but when I can reach cdmg 150% or more I switched my falcon into zamar radiant for my crit build (if proc will give me 92% crit chance on enemy bosses) and primeval of power for my attack build. You can also use stegodile for a less effect of falcon skullcrack and easier to get, I'm not gonna put healing cite on my sympho because that is a healer sympho's cite.


Only 2 cites that are recommended, all -% lightning damage resist, I use the dracopard one since it has better stats and put my worst stats goulet shadow for my pet for -70% lightning resist when all proc.

On a side not : just aim for cdmg / atk speed / mspd for transformation.

Skill Points

I think 4% atk is just enough, even 3% is enough already, don't waste your skill points on another % atk, not until they implemented 15.000 skill points cap, and I take 4% cdmg for more extra cdmg that only cost like 400 skill points.

Again, 3% or 4% atk is just enough.

Yeah sorry I'm not a decent healer, I just take it for the extra healing range not healing % bonus.

Nothing better than 5* this mastery, less cooldown and more damage that stack up to 30% damage.

Less cooldown = more damage, because this skill deals so much damage and has really high cooldown.


Mainly I only use these glyph, you can go like 5x swift sunrise, 5x crystalline crocargot, 5x infernal megadactyl (those all will be 35 slots) and 5 more slots you can use another crit + cdmg, or atk + cdmg.

I'm not usually make a guide but I've been bored with the game, so here it is. Hope it can helps and change people mindset that symphonist isn't a dps, I can solo all the dungeon at the moment, wanna make a video but I can't find a free one that can record for a long time Sad

And lastly, here is some kebab for you, have fun   afro

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