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 Playing with Gamepad

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PostSubject: Playing with Gamepad   Tue Apr 05, 2016 4:01 pm

Some people ask me if is good or not to play with the gamepad, so I want to show better the negative and positive points to play with. My gamepad is a 360 Xbox controller that works with wireless and I have the wireless receiver to windows, but you also can use the version with USB port.
First I want to show the gamepad layout, as you see in the image, there are some controls we can’t change, we only can modify the “Action Buttons” and the “Sub Action Buttons”, that’s good and not, the gamepad layout is very good at all but I really wanted to put the roll action on the right button on top and I just can’t that’s pretty bad.

Ok let’s see how it work, we have the normal mode of the control, we can use the mouse pad too in this mode and you can put whatever you want here like skills, mounts, potions etc… The most important part of this mode is the “Interact with the target” and “Open quest Tracker”
Also you see there is more Auction buttons in left and right you use them pressing the “Left Button” and “Right Button” on control + the button you put the Auction Example:
To use my kiss emoticon I may need to press “Right Button” + “A Button”

Now we have the battle mode! Bwahaha used for battle (no really?) In this mode is a little complicated because you cannot use mouse and you only can change the skills if you press the “Select button” that opens the Game Menu and you are now able to use the mouse to change your skill places and put more skills or potions, I put the loot charms as you see.

Ok you now know the basics and what is next? I have to point a bad thing of using control now, to use bulletin boards you can press the button to accept and decline missions you also can use the control to roll and see other missions, but you CAN’T change the mission tab, to change from bounties to hunt for example, you may need to use mouse pad.

You also need the mouse pad to do things like clicking in the interface buttons like bag, ranch, events, item mall etc… to follow mission you can press in the normal mode the “Open quest Tracker” And the “B” Botton.
To speak on chat you press enter in the keyboard and write normally, if you don’t want to use the keyboard you can buy the chat pad keyboard for the Xbox controller.
At all I prefer the controller to play, because is more easy to press the skill buttons in right time and the controller don’t make my hand fell so tired, so that’s it hope it help you with any doubts of using gamepad to play, and if I write something wrong or grammatically incorrect, please tell me I’m learning English and I need to know my mistakes to learn more and more, so thank you for reading this!
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Playing with Gamepad
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